Thursday, March 18, 2010

The End of the Book

This is my last post on this blog.

As I close the circle, so to speak, I refer anyone reading this back to this post.

Yes, there is a Philadelphia Dendron (a tree, a network, a nervous system), that comprises the whole metropolitan region, an organic, living, thinking entity. But I am not at the center of that entity.

There is only one Philadelphia Dendron that matters to me now, and it has a name: Joel Laramee. (La Ramee, in French, means "branch" or "bough".) I will no longer write about the salvation, or freeing, of my metropolitan region, because the only one who can effect that salvation and freeing is God. God has given me my clear marching orders, and they have nothing to do with an entire metropolitan region: not talking about the region, not kibbitzing with others in the region, outside of my neighborhood and immediate social network (and no, I am not counting anything on the internet as my "social network"; I just left fr33agents).

God bless you all! God is in charge of everything: look to him, and you'll be alright.